The Club is based at the Brumby Hall Sports Ground on Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1AA. The site is adjacent to the North Lincolnshire Councils Indoor Sports Development called the Pods.
The Club is a section of the Appleby Frodingham Sports & Social Club (AFSSC) which provides many sports and leisure activities on the 27 acre site.
During the summer of 2011 the club had a major development and has now 3 grass courts, a total of 6 floodlit hard courts and a floodlit kids coaching zone. The development took place thanks to AFSSC and substantial financial aid from the Lawn Tennis Association.
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The Club has been awarded the prestigious LTA Tennismark Accredition. To read more details of this and what it means, click on the Clubmark icon.

The Appleby-Frodingham Sports and Social Club (AFSSC) are needing to increase their income from other sources than the Drum Draw. AFSSC need sports sections to contribute more. Thus it was agreed that sections will pay a levy of £10 per member (Seniors and Juniors). Since the main source of income for the Tennis Section is subscriptions, it was agreed at our AGM that, whilst the section would stand part of this extra cost, subscriptions for Family and Senior Members should be increased for 2020.
Subscriptions have been held unchanged for a second year for 2022, For Membership Rates for 2022 CLICK on Membership.

Unfortunately the Club can offer no coaching in 2022. There are no coaches in the area and efforts through schools has failed to engender interest. The Club will continue to explore every avenue to solve the problem and we are actively discussing a solution currently.
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